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Uzbekistan Boutique Tours is a Conde Nast award-winning travel company specializing in personalized custom-designed programs and small group tours for you, your family and friends to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asia destinations.

We are committed to creating the highest quality trips for you based on your travel style, schedule and interest.  Our exclusive custom-designed itineraries feature behind-the-scenes, one-of-a-kind opportunities in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, dramatic landscapes of Tianshan mountains, Kizilkum deserts  and moments of pure wonder. We welcome you to our website to sign up for our small group tours by completing the form or let us create for you personalized captivating, once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the Silk Road". 

Dilfuza and Abdulaziz founders of Uzbekistan Boutique Tours

Our Tour Advantage

    Top Reasons to Travel to Uzbekistan with BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique Tours

    Btles Uzbekistan Boutique Tours are run by award winning Condé Nast Top Travel experts who know the ins and outs of the tourism industry, and who can plan a perfect trip to fit their customers’ interests, style and needs.

    They are locals and know every corner of Uzbekistan, Silk Road cities, cultural sites and architecture and advice you when can you travel based on weather conditions or festival dates. They will be there for you before, during and after the trip!

    We are Passionate about our Tours

    BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique tours have great relationship with tourism department, hotels, railway, airlines and cultural shows organizers who will provide you with top five star services . They provide you with smooth visa process, accommodate you at the luxury boutique hotels with gorgeous view in the ancient part of legendary Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva or get VIP high speed train ride  to Tashkent or secure premier seating in the folklore and Fashion shows or wine tasting

    Backgrounds in Art, Languages, History and Anthropology.

    You will have our multilingual experienced award-winning guides who know their homeland Uzbekistan, Silk Road very well and passionate to share our rich history and heritage with you and take you to their families and communities to experience hospitality and real Uzbek life. The guides have backgrounds in art, languages, history and anthropology.

    They are so skilled, helpful, knowledgeable and responsible for making your trip enjoyable and full of fun and experiencing new things, new cuisine and adventures.

    You will also be introduced to uzbek suzani Ikat, ceramics, gold embroidery, jewelry, carpet making and see the process of wood carving by Uzbek craftsmen who inherited the secrets of carving from their ancestors.

    Experience Our Food, Even Cook It

    Uzbek cuisine is very authentic! We arrange the meals at the outdoor restaurants which  has great food and has ambiance. Most importantly we work closely with best chefs to provide our travelers with vegetarian and gluten free meals as well so all our guests enjoy meals in addition to exploring ancient architecture and modern wonders of Uzbekistan! You will join us to participate in cooking classes to make pilaf or Samsa or dumpling

    We make Lifetime Memories

    We Connect you to the most Hospitable People, you see Spectacular Nature.

    BTLES is very passionate about sustainable travel. They create lifetime adventures at the remote charming villages, or take you to the spectacular Tiyanshan mountains, arrange a nomadic yurt in Kizilkum desert and connect you to the most hospitable people and spectacular nature.

    BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique Tours experts were pioneers of taking the travelers to the villages and farms where travelers have been enjoying to make their own meals and salads from organic uzbek gardens and also participate in master classes to make gluten free meals. The travelers have volunteering opportunities to help farmers to pick fruits and vegetables which may be donated to different organizations. Our guests can join us to plant trees, vegetables, and flowers.

    We will Open Special Visits for You

    BTLES experts arrange the youth and female empowerment events that foreign travelers can participate. The youth not only can practice their English with you but will also be motivated to be successful in their lives as well as in their communities.

    Hurry up, Conde Nast Top Travel specialists are eager to welcome you to their beloved homeland of Uzbekistan and make you trip full of fun and memories.

    Whats Happening in Uzbekistan

    January 1

    New Year Holiday

    It is particularly curious festival, includes putting up a fir tree with lots of decoration. Uzbek people exchange gifts during this holiday and at some feasts a man in Santa costume joins in the merriment. 

    January 1

    January 14th

    Homeland Defender's Day

    uzbekistan defendence day

    Uzbekistan celebrates the creation of armed forces under jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 14, 1992.

    March 8th

    International Women's Day

    Women Day

    This holiday is known as Mother's Day in Uzbekistan. It is coincides the first day of spring and men give gifts and flowers to their mothers, wives and daughters.

    March 8th

    March 21st

    Navruz Holiday

    Uzbekistan Navruz Holiday

    The most ancient national holiday Navruz, meaning «new day», is considered the beginning of a new year. The date is spring equinox, when the length of day and night is identical. Many Uzbek families prepare national dishes, include Sumalak, Halim, Somsa, Pilov and others.

    April 25-30th

    International Dance Festival in Khiva

    khorezm Lazg

    This festival will be held in the city of Khiva every 2 years starting from 2020. Khorezm Dance Lazgi has a special place in the rich history of Uzbek dancing art and cultural heritage.

    April 25-30th

    April 28-29th

    Baysun spring festival in Surkhandarya

    Boysun Festival in Surkhandarya

    The biggest and the most culturally significant event held in the mountainous Baysun which is full of fun and entertainment.

    May 3rd

    International gold embroidery and jewelry festival in Bukhara

    embroidery and jewelry festival in Bukhara

    For centuries Bukhara has boasted fine jewelers, engravers, ceramics, and tailors. Yet it is the art of gold embroidery that made Bukhara famous worldwide.

    May 3rd

    May 9th

    Memory Day

    Uzbekistan Memory Day

    This holiday is celebrated to honour the memory of compatriots who protected Uzbekistan's freedom and independence. Square of memory was opened Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

    May 3rd

    Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan Hayit)

    LRamadan Hayit is a celebration of spiritual and moral purification. The holiday celebrates completion of Islamic month of fasting Ruza, which lasts 30 days.

    May 3rd

    May 23-25th

    Silk and Spices Festival in Bukhara

    Silk and Spices Festival in Bukhara

    This amazing festival held annually in the city of Bukhara, near the Lyabi House complex. People put on bright, national costumes and begin a procession along the central streets of the city. Mostly, shopping, arts and crafts festival , with some concerts thrown in.

    May 23-31th

    Flower festival in Namangan

    ubekistan flower festiival

    Garden city Namangan hosts the 60 International flower festival which amazes with colors and aromas.

    May 23-31th

    June 30th

    The Youth Day of Uzbekistan

    In this day unforgettable show-project welcome to Uzbekistan edition will be broadcast live from the legendary cities of the country.

    July 10th

    Eid al-Adha( Kurban Hayit)

    Eid al Adha Kurban Hayit

    It is one of the main religious Muslim holidays. It is the Festival of Sacrifice.

    July 10th

    August 6-7th

    Melon Festival

    uzbekistan Melon Festival

    This festival will be held in Bukhara during the summer time and sellers show locals and visitors different types of melons and visitors can taste them and enjoy in that days.

    August 30th - September 5th

    Sharq taronalari music festival in Samarkand

    Sharq taronalari music festival in Samarkand

    This festival, which means Melodies of the East, has been held every 2 years and attracts a huge number of locals and foreigners for many years.

    August 30th - September 5th

    September 1st

    Independence Day of Uzbekistan

    uzbekistan Independence day

    Every year there will be held concerts and fireworks to celebrate the end of the Soviet Union and the beginning of Uzbekistan in this holiday.

    September 10-15th

    International Handicrafters Festival in Kokand

    Crafts Day in Kokand

    This wonderful festival is incredible. We are greeted with Karnay music, Dancing children, women in traditional dress with bread and flowers. The craftsmen came from over 70 countries, as well as more than 120 representatives of handicraft organizations.

    September 10-15th

    September 27th

    International Tourism Day

    This festival is being celebrated all over the world and also all the ancient regions of Uzbekistan. Silk Road International University of Tourism» is also responsible for organising unforgettable special party and welcome foreigners to its campus in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

    October 1st

    Day of teachers and instructors

    In Uzbekistan the deep respect for teachers is celebrated each year. Students thank their tutors with flowers and gifts.

    October 1st

    November 18th

    Uzbekistan Flag Day

    Celebrating the national flag with a festival and concerts.

    December 8th

    Constitution Day

    It is important national holiday commemorating the adoption of the country's founding laws.

    December 8th


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