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We invite you to plan your Uzbekistan cultural discovery and luxury, culinary and adventure shopping, and photography tours with us.

There are two ways to join our Uzbekistan tours.                                                                             

  • Join our small group tours. The groups consist of maximum of 8 likeminded people.
  • Design your own private tours. Our award-winning travel experts of Uzbekistan Boutique tours will work with you to build your ideal journey, tailored to your interests, style and

After you will make decision which tour fits you best you will work with you to plan and confirm your Uzbekistan tour. 

As a boutique family business, we pride ourselves on a personalized service and most of our trips are customized with a deep understanding in authenticity and cultural gems of Central Asia Region.

To explore more or start your booking process, please complet this following form and we will contact you securly through your e-mail.

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