Celebrate Spring Festival of Navruz in Uzbekistan with BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique Tour Experts

Spring Festival of Navruz

Uzbekistan has always been famous for its magnificent architecture and thousands of years old cultures. Many major international travel magazines including Condé Nast Traveler, independent, National Geographic and CNN mentioned in their articles that Uzbekistan was one of the top destinations of 2022. Visiting Uzbekistan, during national holidays a...

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Top 5 Bucket list destinations of Uzbekistan to travel in 2022


Happy 2022! We are very excited to release our 2022 travel bucket list to have lifetime experiences in Uzbekistan.    1 - Bukhara, Uzbekistan Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia connecting East and West. 2500 years old magical city was the center of education, culture, religion and...

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2021 Uzbekistan COVID era Travel Experience of our Guests


Uzbekistan is one of the most popular family friendly destinations in the world! We, at Uzbekistan Boutique Tours BTLES were honored welcoming many travelers especially families in 2021, this is the start of a new era of post COVID travel to our fascinating Silk Road. Ancient cities like Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Shakhrisabz and Khiva are all o...

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Uzbekistan - Asia’s top destination for international festivals!


For the last 5-6 years Uzbekistan is attracting the world travelers to its fascinating festivals which are held throughout the year! On May 26-28, 2021 Uzbekistan, Bukhara hosted its International "Silk and spice" festival. This is one of the ancient and culturally important festivals which has been organized every year in the breathtaking Bukhara....

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Uzbekistan Family Tour Experience


Today Uzbekistan is recognized as one of the top family friendly destinations in the world. Uzbek people have big families including few generations and closeness among these generations have been attracting the interest of the travelers who are looking unique family tour experiences Condé Nast award winning Uzbekistan Boutique Tour company BTLES's...

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Traveling to Uzbekistan as a Solo Woman


Uzbekistan became an awesome solo female destination especially during and post Covid in 2021. Of course traveling during Covid was not a great idea however so many solo female travelers contacted our Condé Nast award winning tour operators of Uzbekistan Boutique tours with the request arranging safe and flexible life changing travel experiences in...

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Uzbekistan by our Travelers


Uzbekistan is one of the well-known travel destinations in Asia which was located at the intersection of the Great Silk Road route. Human civilization, cultures and traditions have developed throughout the centuries, merchants, travelers and explorers such as Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Ferdinand von Richthofen and others visited our ancient cities Bu...

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International Flower Festival in Uzbekistan!


Sunshine country of Uzbekistan welcomed local and foreign guests to its 60th International Flower festival. It was held from May 23 to 31 st in one of the breathtakingly beautiful Namangan city and was full of fun and aromas. Flower parade, exhibitions, master classes in flora culture and folk crafts, gave visitors unforgettable experience in legen...

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Condé Nast Award


Dear Travelers, I am very excited to announce that our inspiring travel advisor Abdulaziz Isomov and I have been awarded the title of Top Travel Specialists for Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for 2021! My thanks to the Condé Nast Traveler group for believing in us and our company. In the rapidly developing Central Asia travel market, it's a personal hon...

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