Celebrate Spring Festival of Navruz in Uzbekistan with BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique Tour Experts

Spring Festival of Navruz

Uzbekistan has always been famous for its magnificent architecture and thousands of years old cultures. Many major international travel magazines including Condé Nast Traveler, independent, National Geographic and CNN mentioned in their articles that Uzbekistan was one of the top destinations of 2022. Visiting Uzbekistan, during national holidays and festivals can make your trip in Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara unforgettable.

The Navruz holiday in Uzbekistan is one of the most beloved, brightest, colorful and enjoyable celebrations and it is widely celebrated on March 21 throughout the country! The Navruz celebration starts on March 15 continues until 25 th March and special spring traditional dishes Sumalak, Kok Somsa and Halim or Halisa will be highlights of Uzbek Navruz table. Our BTLES Uzbekistan Boutique Tour Experts take you to their homes, communities and schools and Silk Road cities to experience authentic cuisine in addition to enjoying the concerts. Uzbek national games kupkari - Horse Game and sport competition, wrestling, boxing, chess and horseback race will be held in every corner of Uzbekistan. We will have VIP seats for you, and we arrange a meeting for you in person with champions!

Navruz means "New Day", re-awakening of nature, new life, joy, happiness and hope for abundant harvest in the fields and gardens.

Conde Nast Award winning Btles tour company experts Abdulaziz Isomov and Dilfuza Rajabovacan take you to the villages and farms to pick organic fruits and vegetables and make your own salads or you can volunteer to plant trees or flowers or simply explore charming villages and meet hospitable uzbek people to share a meal, enjoy traditional tea, sweets, and Uzbek popular bread! 

Our Spring festival Navruz - New Year is coming!

Throughout your trip around Uzbekistan, we provide you with luxury boutique hotels, transportation, train rides, smooth flights and meals at the authentic restaurants in all the Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan. We will be there for you to have enjoyable, safe and smooth travel experience.

One of the highlights of our Uzbekistan trip is to participate in our cooking classes. During Navruz you will join us to make festive dishes of Sumalak and kok somsa.

Bring your dancing shoes to dance with us in different cultural events with locals in Khiva and Bukhara.

At the end of your tour our travel experts will arrange a hassle-free PCR tests which will be conducted at your hotel one day before your departure. The process takes only 5-10 minutes, and the results will be ready by the end of the day. We will print them for you. We will provide you with smooth airport arrivals and departure procedure.

Uzbekistan is open for travel and all the festivals have been celebrated safely during and post Covid. Come to Uzbekistan and experience the adventures of your lifetime!

Visit this link to learn more about our Uzbekistan Tours or contact us to schedule a zoom conference!

Welcome to Uzbekistan!

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