Uzbekistan Textile Tour


Our  16 days textiles tour of Uzbekistan  check another fabulous adventure off your bucket list!

 On this spectacular tour, we’ll be following the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that linked the Mediterranean to China. Age-old artistic exchanges and shared aesthetic traditions practically assured that nowadays the whole region would be home to large numbers of talented artisans. Uzbek textile artists create exquisite hand-embroidered suzanis and brilliant hand-dyed, handwoven ikat fabrics.

Uzbekistan boasts a long and rich tradition of textile production, dating back centuries. One of the most renowned textile arts in Uzbekistan is ikat weaving, where patterns are dyed into the threads before weaving, resulting in intricate and colorful designs. Cities like Margilan and Bukhara are famous for their ikat production.In the historic areas of many cities such as Samarkand and Bukhara, Khiva blue and turquoise-domed mosques and madrasas compose important UNESCO World Heritage sites. Detailed tile mosaics with masterful calligraphic panels decorate these stunning ancient buildings inside and out.

Suzani embroidery is another prominent textile art form in Uzbekistan. These intricately embroidered textiles feature floral and geometric patterns and are often used as decorative pieces or as dowry items. Each suzani tells a story through its motifs and colors. Silk production is also significant in Uzbekistan, with the Fergana Valley being a hub for silk cultivation and weaving. The city of Margilan is particularly famous for its silk production, with generations of artisans maintaining the craft. Additionally, traditional Uzbek clothing, such as the vibrant and flowing robes worn by men and women, showcases exquisite textile workmanship, often incorporating elements of ikat, embroidery, and silk fabrics. Today, Uzbekistan's textile industry continues to thrive, blending traditional techniques with modern innovations, and attracting visitors from around the world eager to explore and purchase these beautiful textiles. The restaurants of Uzbekistan are superb and would be at home anywhere, with the great variety of fresh and healthy foods. Our experienced, multilingual guides will help you bring back memories of this trip of a lifetime.

Day 01 Tashkent

Arrival at Tashkent International Airport. You will be met by your personal guide and driver and transfer to your hotel.

Day 02 Tashkent

Take pleasure in touring Tashkent, the country's capital. We visit the city's attractions this morning, including the 2,000-year-old Chor-Su Bazaar, the Sheik Tellya Mosque, and the Khasret Imam, to observe artisans at work, take in the energy of the marketplace, and haggle over mementos. We'll contrast the new and the old in Mustakillik (Independence) Square and at Amir Timur Park's commanding bronze statue of Tamerlane. See the Earthquake Memorial, the Abul Kasim Handicraft Center, and Akbar Rakhimov's Ceramic Studio.

Day 3 Tashkent – Kokand 

Train in the morning to the breathtaking Ferghana Valley. Reaching Kokand.
Visit  the Juma Mosque, the Museum, and the Khudoyar-Khan Palace. See the exquisite laukh Koran stands, jewelry boxes, wall panels, and multi-sided khantaxta tables carved by traditional wood carvers.

Day 4-6, Kokand – Rishton - Ferghana - Margilan - Namangan

Beautiful drive to Margilan. Visit the Rustam Usmanov family's pottery workshop in Rishton. We travel to Margilan, the birthplace of Atlas Silk Weaving, after lunch. We will tour the Kumtepa bazaar and UNESCO sites in Ferghana while we are in Margilan. The Abjubosits family studio will teach us the techniques for expertly weaving and dying silk and velvet ikats. We will shop for an assortment of embroidered fashion and home décor items made by local women, and we will find ikat fabric sold by the meter in the Kumtepa bazaar, ready to be transformed into clothing and home décor.

Day 7, Ferghana - Chust - Tashkent

Drive to Tashkent for a morning of sightseeing. While traveling, we'll stop for a meal in Chust, a little Namangan village well-known for its exquisitely embroidered doppi caps, which are worn by all women and men.
There is a broad panorama of the Syrdarya river on the route to Tashkent. Arrival and accomadation in Tashkent.
We have an invitation to tour the workshops of women-owned, award-winning textile designers and artisans later in the afternoon. Handmade traditional ikat products made of cotton and silk as well as unique fashion will be available. Savor your meal while taking in the dazzling displays of local dancers, exquisite costumes, and melancholic flute and two-stringed dotar music!

Day 8, Tashkent-Samarkand 

From Tashkent we board the air-conditioned and comfortable fast train to Samarkand. Seasoned travelers consider Samarkand as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not only for the stunning historical monuments but also for the tree-shaded avenues and lovely green city parks. It was an important trade stop along the Silk Road and was at the forefront of early Islamic architecture. 

Upon arrival we’ll head right to the   magnificent UNESCO heritage site of Registan Square. One of the most recognized landmarks of the ancient world, it’s bordered on three sides by majestic porticoes and soaring minarets of its medressehs. What were once small student rooms now house countless stalls and displays of ceramics, embroidery items, carpets, hats, caps, and a wide variety of ethnic textiles.  Within the old city are the remains of Ulugbek’s 15th c. observatory, the tomb of the Hebrew Prophet Daniel in the old Jewish quarter. and the beautiful tile mosaics of the Gur e Emir mausoleum. The Shahi Zinda complex is a veritable museum of tile artistry under the open sky. 

Enjoy a wine tasting at Khovrenko before dinner.

Day 9 Samarkand

This morning finds us in the heart of the city to visit the school of embroiderers at their workshop. The romantic Bibi Khanum Complex overlooks the busy and colorful Siob Bazaar. This is a photographer's delight packed with bustling stalls and colorful arrays of produce. We’ll enjoy delicious local breads and fruits, Uzbek halvas and friendly greetings from the local traders. 

Just outside of Samarkand is a traditional mulberry paper factory and silk making workshop. We’ll stop at the highest point in Samarkand for more photo opportunities and return for dinner.

Day 10 Samarkand - Gijduvan - Shafirkon - Bukhara

Next we’ll visit the ancient city of Bukhara, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is more than 2,500 years old. It was a prominent stop on the Silk Road trade route between the East and the West, and a major medieval center for Islamic theology and culture. It still contains hundreds of well-preserved mosques, madrasas, bazaars and caravanserais, dating largely from the 9th to the 17th centuries. Monuments of particular interest include the famous tomb of Ismail Samani. It’s a masterpiece of 9th -10th-century Muslim architecture partly because of the variety of patterns executed in unglazed fired brick. Blue mosques and textile bazaars also abound in this fabulous historical city. Bukhara is one of the best places to explore the architecture and textiles of Uzbekistan.

Bukhara’s Gijduvan and Shafirkon cities are famous for their centuries old embroidery schools and ceramics. On our Silk Road journey to Bukhara we’ll stop by to meet award winning ceramist Narzullaev, try our hand in the textile workshops and have lunch. Afternoon arrival in Bukhara. Accommodation

The rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy in this desert oasis and our guides will be happy to help you plan your adventure! Follow tradition here and relax on a divan, sip your green tea and enjoy the social life at one of the many chaikhanas in the city. At the Lyabi Khaus complex, the traditional heart of the city, tea and gossip reign at tables around the reflecting pool. Artisans sell their handicrafts and at night the colored lights give a festive air to the local dance troupe. The Uzbek tea ceremony is a formal and graceful ritual, poured three times from the pot into a ceramic cup allowing the full flavor and aroma of the tea to develop. 

Tonight, we'll enjoy dinner with a performance at the Nadir Divan Begi Khanaka featuring local dancers and singers and a fashion show displaying gorgeous costumes handcrafted by Uzbek designers.

Days 11-12 Bukhara

Bukhara, once the intellectual center of the Islamic world, can trace its origins to the 6th century BCE. One of Central Asia's holiest cities, behind the ancient adobe walls the backstreets are lined with spice markets, artisan and carpet shops, and the homes of families who have lived here for generations. Beside the Lyabi Khaus is the medieval Kukeldash medresseh, and the Kalyan minaret at the Poi-Kalyon complex dates to 1127, a fitting symbol of old Bukhara. When Genghis Khan invaded he left only the minaret standing; legend says that he was struck by its beauty. 

The city's subdued desert hues give centuries-old buildings an exotic air. The Fortress Ark defended its rulers and their servants for centuries while some sixty caravanserais could be found within the city for traders and travelers of the Silk Road. Try on traditional outfits at the national costume exhibit in an old merchant's house. Wind your way through the city's ancient trade domes of money changers, hat and puppet sellers, carpet, jewelry and embroidery merchants. 

Lunch at the private home of one of the best suzani makers in Bukhara.

During our time in Bukhara we’ll do some “monumental” touring! The Magoki Attari was originally a Zoroastrian temple and the oldest surviving mosque in Central Asia. It now hosts a museum displaying examples of the distinctive colors and patterns of the region's carpets. We’ll visit the Abdulaziz Khan Madrassah, the 4 minarets of the Chor Minor, and the Palace of the Moon and Stars. This luxurious summer residence of the last Bukharan Emir is a fusion of both Oriental and Russian architecture. The harem building now contains a museum of applied arts with displays of furniture, jewelry, art objects from Russia, porcelain from Japan. and traditional regional embroidery.

Day 13-14 Khiva

Morning drive through the Kyzyl-Kum (red sand) desert to the magical city of Khiva.

Enjoy lunch at a nomadic yurt with local Kazakh families. Upon arrival in Khiva we will be accommodated at the Hotel. Khiva is a "living museum", a fairy-tale city. The old walled city contains some of the best preserved and restored historical architecture including the Ichan Kala, the Ata–Darvaza gates, the majestic, blue-tiled Kalta Minar tower, the fabulously decorated Mohammad Aminkhan and Khodja Islam medressehs, the Kunya Ark (Ancient Citadel), and the Tash Hauli Palace (with interior views of the palace's harem quarter), and the tranquil Juma mosque with its 200 beautifully carved wooden pillars. The main market is housed in a traditional caravanserai (inn for caravans). DInner includes delicious regional specialties.

Day 15 Khiva - Nukus - Tashkent

Morning drive to the desert city of Nukus in the Karakalpak region. Its popular State Art Museum. The Savitsky is known for its collection of Russian and Soviet avant-garde paintings, hidden away during the communist regime. There are extensive collections of nomadic art and needlepoint, and thousands of historical and archaeological objects. Evening flight to Tashkent. Farewell dinner.

Day 16, Tashkent

Morning transfer to the airport to take your flight to your next destination.

Combined Tours (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan)


Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan are three countries located in Central Asia, each with its own unique history, culture, and attractions.

These combined itineraries to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are the best option to experience these two adjacent countries if you only have one more day in Uzbekistan or if you want to go on a more extensive vacation around Central Asia.
Experience the delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, and friendly locals for yourself—perhaps the greatest incentive to visit Uzbekistan aside from its well-known towns, which include Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Although less well-known, Tajikistan is nonetheless a destination worth seeing. Tajikistan is a region of stunning scenery and charming ancient cities, with 93% of its territory covered by mountains. This itinerary provides a balanced mix of historical, cultural, and natural attractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of Central Asia.

Day 1 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Arival in Tashkent and accomadation. You will meet by your guide at the airport.

Day 2 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Explore Tashkent's modern and historical sites, such as Independence Square, Chorsu Bazaar, and Amir Timur Museum. Visit the Khast-Imam Complex, which houses the oldest Quran in the world. Enjoy traditional Uzbek cuisine at local restaurants.

Day 3-4 Tashkent- Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Travel to Samarkand with fast train,  known for its stunning Registan Square and the ancient city of Afrasiyab. Discover world famous Registan and Guri Emir Mausoleums. Visit to Hebrew Prophet Daniel's Tomb which is next to a pleasant ancient water stream and contains a burial chamber around 18 meters long, the Jewish Quarter, and synagogue, located in the old section of Samarkand. Samarkand bazaar. Lunch at the hotel. Continue sightseeing: Shahi Zinda Ensemble – ancient necropolis (IX,XIV,XIX c.), Bibi Khanum Complex ( the complex was build in honor of the wife of Amur Temur in the fourteenth century) and Guri Emir Mausoleum (XIV century). Wine Tasting at the Khorenko winery. Dinner.

Day 5 Samarkand-Penjikent-Tajikistan

Sightseeing morning drive to Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Border. Border Formalities. You will be met by our representatives in Tajikistan and will be transferred to the ancient city of Penjikent. Visit Rudaki Museum, explore the ruins and ancient sites and old Penjikent Bazaar. Dinner in a charming restaurant.

Day 6 Penjikent-Fann Mountains(Tajikistan)-Samarkand-Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

 Sightseeing tour: After completing Penjikent tour we will visit breathtakingly beautiful Fann Mountains and crystal clear Lakes of Mizhgon, Soya and Hazorchashma, enjoy exploring  Marguzor village! Picnic lunch will be next to the stream of Fann. Return back to the city to be transferred to the border crossing to Samarkand. We will be transferred to the train station to take a high-speed train to Bukhara. Arrival and accommodation in Bukhara.

Day 7-8 Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Sightseeing tour of the Labi Khaus Complex, heart of legendary Bukhara city. Explore the serene desert architecture of Bukhara at the Nadir Divan Begi Madreseh, Kukaldash Medreseh, Khanaka Nadir Divan Begi (XVI-XVII c.), visit the Jewish quarter and ancient Synagogue. The explore Magoki Attari Mosque (XII-XVI c.), the extensive trade domes and markets of the bazaar (XVI c.), the beautiful Poi–Kalon Complex with its legendary minaret (XII c.), Mosque Kalon and Miri Arab Medreseh (XVI c.). Dinner with folk-show in Medreseh Nodir Divan Begi. Explore ancient Bukhara Fortress-Ark (The winter residence of local Bukhara Amirs, I c.), Ismail Samani (IX c.) and Chashma- Ayub (XII-XVI c.) Mausoleums.

Day 9 Bukhara (Uzbekistan) -Mary-Ashgabad (Turkmenistan)

Breakfast at the hotel. 08:00 Meet the driver at the lobby .Transfer to Uzbek- Turkmen border post Alat. Pass the border. Border passing formalities (passport and visa control usually takes about 2 hrs depending on the customs formalities). Meet the guide and driver at Turkmen side.

Meeting with guide and driver at Turkmenistan side of the border.

Transfer to Mary en route visit to the Ancient Merv (UNESCO).

Sightseeing in  historical park visiting, Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum, Mohammed bin Said Mausoleum, Medieval castles – “Kesk” fortresses (6-7 centuries); History museum of Merv region. Transfer to the Mary airport. Evening flight to Ashgabat. Arrival in Ashgabat. Transfer to the hotel.Resting time in the evening. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 10 Ashgabad-Darvaza (Turkmenistan)

Ashgabat city tour with visiting. Ertogrul Gazy Mosque, Independence Park with Monument of Independence (it's a 118m column that consider the highest building in the country);  Neutrality Arch - unique composition that  rotates slowly after the sun; National Museum, where you can see more than 166 unique exposition from Ancient Merv and Nissa; A trip to ancient Nissa (18km from Ashgabad) that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the ruins of the ancient city ; Turkmenbashi Mosque-Mausoleum is considered as the biggest in Central Asia (10 thousands of people). There are beautiful garden and fountains. In the afternoon transfer to Darwaza crater and change from the asphalt road to the Karakum desert track, continue 10 km deep inside. In 1971 geologists accidentally found an underground cavern filled with natural gas. To avoid poisonous gas discharge, it was decided to burn the gas. Geologists hoped the fire would go out in a few days but it has been burning ever since. Locals have named the cavern The Gate - Darwaza. The views are impressive, especially in sunset and night when the mild sunlight and burning crater evoke incredible and ambiguous feelings. Overnight stay in yurt

Day 11 Darvaza-Kunya Urgench(Turkmenistan)-Khiva (Uzbekistan)

Camp – style breakfast. The founder mausoleum of Sufi sects "Kubra" Nadzhimetdin Kubra (XII-XIII centuries); the mausoleum of Mongolian princess Torebeg-Hanym (XII-XIV centuries); minaret Mamun (X-XI centuries); minaret Kutlug-Timur (XII-XIV c, the highest minaret in Central Asia); Mausoleum Kyrkmolla (II in BC - III A.D.); Mausoleum Arslan II (the oldest building in the city XI century). Afternoon transfer to Turkmen – Uzbek border post 'Shavat'. Pass the border. Border passing formalities. Meet the driver at Uzbek side of the border. Transfer to Khiva. Dinner and a panoramic view of Khiva by moonlight.

Day 12 Khiva-Tashkent  (Uzbekistan)

Starting point of the city tour. Spend a day in Ichan-Kala Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, living museum under the open sky. Take a walking sightseeing tour in Khiva with a guide: visit Tash-Khovli Palace, Mukhammad Aminkhan Madrasah, Mukhammad Rahimkhan Madrasah, Kalta-Minor, Juma Mosque, Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum, Minaret of Islam-Khoja.

Farewell Dinner.Evening flight to Tashkent.

Day 13 Tashkent

Transfer to Tashkent Airport for your departure.

Explore Uzbekistan Silk Road


A Cultural Tour in Uzbekistan. Stand at the crossroads of civilization as you begin your cultural discovery tour to Uzbekistan! Uzbekistan’s fairytale cityscapes and a mysterious desert beauty have attracted merchants, travelers, artists, and kings since the beginning of ancient Silk Road.

Its fascinating ancient cities Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Kokand and Khiva have been attracting the travelers from all walks of life from around the globe. you can enjoy the real ancient Orient.

In our 9-day Uzbekistan cultural discovery tour you will explore the architectural monuments and above mentioned ancient cities as well as Nukus city which is famous for its avant-garde Museum Savitsky-the “Desert of Forbidden Art” and Ayaz Kala nomadic yurt complex. Our cultural discovery tour is about exploring the cultures, warm hospitality, experiencing living history and craftsmanship, visits to the ancient marketplaces and mosques, Palaces and karven Serays and discover the modern wonders of this spectacular Central Asia country-Uzbekistan! 

Our award winning Uzbekistan Boutique tours will be securing for you luxurious boutique hotels from Tashkent to Samarkand, nomadic yurts, guest houses from Khiva to Bukhara to be engaged with local Uzbek people and share the meal with them and spend memorable time.  Our experienced local guides love their homeland, its cultures and traditions and they will share with you their amazing stories by taking you to their homes, to the pilgrimage places where you will meet friendly Uzbekistan people which have different nationalities. Uzbekistan has more than 100 nationalities and nations and they live in harmony. They may have different religions: Islam, Christianity, Jewish but they get together often and enjoy spending time and you will have an opportunity to see these unique things in person in Samarkand, Bukhara, and Tashkent.

We will arrange the best dinners at spectacular Labi Khaus complex which are surrounded by 14 century mulberry trees, and 16-17 century ancient madrasah and mosques and in front of the restaurant there is 17th century pond. On the top of mulberry trees, you can see the nests of stocks… so beautiful atmosphere, the food is delicious At 7 PM the fountain gives extra beauty to the venue. The music and dance are performed by the wonderful local artists, and you can dance and join locals and mingle with them. In Khiva and Samarkand, we have the authentic restaurants to see the best view of these legendary cities from the high points of the cities. Tashkent restaurants serve Uzbek, central Asia and European, Asian cuisine. We will choose for you premier seats and avoid crowded areas of the restaurants in the nonsmoking areas for the best Uzbekistan travel experience. Do not miss trying pilaf in the locals’ home in Bukhara, Lazgi dance in Khiva and fresh bread from Tandir oven in Tashkent’s Chorsu Bazaar. Magnificent Registan square light show, Fashion and Folk show at Bukhara’s Labi Khaus complex and the children’s performance at the traditional Uzbek family will be organized just for you by our top experts of Uzbekistan Boutique Tours BTLES. In addition, we will have special tickets for you for Uzbekistan’s unforgettable local events, festivals and even you will join us for traditional weddings!

Conde Nast award winning tour operators Dilfuza Rajabova and Abdulaziz Isomov along with their top experts will make sure that your Uzbekistan discovery tour experiences smooth, enjoyable and hassel free by providing you with smooth visa process, hotel accommodation, travels to different cities of Uzbekistan by high speed train and climate controlled transportation. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience as you discover the beauty, history  and the generous spirit of this fascinating country of Uzbekistan.

Day by Day Details

Day 1 Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent International Airport. You will be met by your personal guide and driver and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

Today you will discover Tashkent, the cultural and economic center of Uzbekistan. Enjoy your tour at the Museum of History (excursion by outstanding professor of the country) and then visit Kukeldash Medreseh, Hast Imam Complex which consists of Medreseh Barakkhan, Friday Mosque Tello Shayh and the Mausoleum of Kaffal Shashi.

Meet the main Imam of Tilla Shayh Mosque and see original 7th century Osman’s Koran. Visit the coloful old bazaar ”Chorsu” and watch craftsman at work. Before welcome dinner we enjoy our brief tour at the Independent Squire.

Day 2 Tashkent-Nukus-Khiva

Morning transfer to the airport to take your flight to Nukus. Sightseeing tour around Nukus and visit the Savitsky Museum which hosts the world's second largest collection of Russian avant garde art (after the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg). It is also home to one of the largest collections of archeological objects and folk, applied and contemporary art originating from Central Asia.(

Nukus and its fabulous museum were featured in "The Desert of Forbidden Art".

 Sightseeing drive to Khiva. Khiva, one of the popular World Heritage Sites of the Silk Road. Stop by to the romantic dusty deserts and enjoy the archeological sites. Arrival and accommodation. Shakhrezade Hotel. Dinner panoramic view of Khiva on moonlight.

Day 3 Khiva

Sightseeing tour in fairy-tale city Khiva Explore antiquities of Ichan Kala (Old City): Ata – Darvaza, Kalta Minar, majestic blue-tiled Tower from the XIX century, Medreseh Mohammad Aminkhan and Khodja Islam, Kunya Ark (Ancient Citadel), Tash Hauli Palace (Stone yard, with view of the palace's harem-women's quarter), Caravanserai (traditional inn for travelling merchants), Juma mosque with 200 wooden beautiful pillars.

Day 4 Khiva -Bukhara

Drive to Bukhara through Kisil Kum Desert. Bukhara, one of the most ancient and incredible cities in the world. This is another World Heritage Site.Visit Labi Khaus Complex ("the complex around the pond"), Nadir Divan Begi Khanaka (old hotel for merchants). Labi Khaus pond dates from the XVIIth century when it was the principal source of water. Enjoy tea in an ancient Chaykhana (Tea house), near the sculpture of humorist Khodja Nasriddin.

Day 5 Bukhara

Explore Poi-Kalon Ensemble with the greatest minaret in Central Asia. The sightseeing continues with discovering the ancient trade domes of money changers, hat sellers, silk, carpets, puppets and jewelry, Magoki Attari site which was originally a Zoroastrian temple, Abdulazizkhan Madreseh with its sandali (old version of house heating). Enjoy traditional lunch and the demonstration of national costumes from the 18th century at Fayzullo Khodjaev's house, the First President of Bukhara Independent State in early 20s century.

In Bukhara we shall also discover ancient winter residence ARK Citadel of local rulers from the first century and the magnificent Summer Residence of Last Bukhara Emirs “Sitorai Mohi-Khossa“ (The Palace of Moon and Stars). Wine tasting at the ancient Nugai karavanserai which hosted Omar Khayom. Visit Bahauddin Nakshbandi sufi center. Dinner and Folklore show featuring local dancers and singers.

Day 6 Bukhara-Samarkand

Golden Road to Samarkand (300 km). ) through Malikchul desert and ancient Karavan Serai Rabotai Malik. Enjoy your stay in ancient paradise. Samarkand is the city with more than 3000 years history. It was the site of the marriage of Alexander the Great to the local princess Roxana. Sightseeing tour to Registan Square, the main attraction of Samarkand and an impressive place for holding the world’s finest old and modern music festivals and holidays. Discover Amir Timur Mausoleum.

Dinner at the traditional Uzbekistan Restaurant. Grand Samarkand Superior

Day 7 Samarkand

Full day exploration in ancient Samarkand. Visit Ulugbek’s Observatory and Museum (Ulugbek was a scientist, astronomer and architect of the XVth century), Shahi Zinda Ensemble – ancient necropolis, Bibi Khanum Complex and Guri Emir Mausoleum. Visit one of the oldest wineries of Uzbekistan. Dinner.

Day 8 Samarkand- Tashkent

Photo opportunities from the highest point of Samarkand. Scenic drive to Tashkent, stopping near the "gate" of Amur Temur where two mountain ranges meet. Arrival. Afternoon visit the museum of Uzbek Art, the Alisher Navoi Opera Theatre and Abul Kasim medreseh handicraft center. The show at Alisher Navoi Opera Theatre can be arranged upon request. It is the best Opera Theatre in Central Asia. Tashkent Palace

Day 9 Tashkent

Morning transfer to the Tashkent International Airport to take your flights home


Scheduled Departures

March 18-26, 2024

April 2-10, 2024

August 28-September 5, 2024

September 4-12, 2024

September 20-29, 2024

October 1-9, 2024

October 20-29, 2024

Visited Countries


Visited Cities & Places

Tashkent, Nukus, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand




Trip highlights

  • Dine against the backdrop of Khiva, the fairy-tale city of the Silk Road!
  • Get lost in the Kizil Kum Desert’s mysterious sites and soothing tranquility!
  • Shop in Bukhara’s bazaars for silk clothing, exquisite jewelry, and delicious treats!
  • Experience endless hospitality in four of Uzbekistan’s most diverse and fascinating cities: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva
  • Glance into history as you explore the madrasas, mosques, and palaces of Uzbekistan cities!
  • Uzbekistan Boutique Tour’s best adventures: hands-on cultural experiences, local exploration, participation at seasonal and traditional festivals, and travel to some of the world’s most beautiful and rarely visited locations with local, experienced Silk Road experts to attend a tea ceremony, relax in a chaikhana, enjoy a champagne picnic on the way to Samarkand.
  • Cooking classes with master chefs and local bakers and dinners at centuries old medresehs, where Marco Polo, Alexander the Great, and Omar Khayam visited.
  • Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites that have inspired imagination through the ages with outstanding archaeologists and historians.
  • Private, guided visits through Uzbekistan’s finest museums, visits to local artisans and galleries. Create your own 1001 nights in the lively bazaars of Uzbekistan.

The trip includes:

  • Accommodation in the 4-star hotels and Boutique Hotels
  • Private folk performances
  • Domestic Flight Tashkent – Nukus
  • Meals: Breakfast and Dinners
  • Visa support/invitations
  • All ground transportation
  • Our handpicked guides
  • All entrance fees to the UNESCO Heritage sites and places, conservation fees.
  • Tea stops, snacks, and water every day

Not Included:

  • International flight
  • Travel Insurance
  • For additional services at the hotels
  • Consulate visa fees and services
Uzbekistan Adventure Tour


Uzbekistan is located in the heart of Central Asia, between two great rivers, Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

3000 years old Uzbekistan has many  ancient Silk Road cities like Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Tashkent and it is popular for its spectacular Tiyanshan mountains, dusty legendary deserts of Kizilkum.

It is an adventurer’s dream! The award-winning tour operators and travel experts of Uzbekistan Boutique tours will take you to these 11 days adventure tour and give you one of the best trips you may ever encounter in Asia.

This tour starts in Tashkent where our guests will learn about the capital city of Tashkent and its historical and modern architecture. The museum visits are the must where you can have an excellent tour given by top museum curator. We will also have an opportunity to travel to Chimgan-Baldersay mountains located 90 minutes from Tashkent where you hike, bike, explore the mountain villages and visit the horse farms and have picnic next to the breathtaking waterfall.

This tour also includes the visits to Magic city of Khiva, 3000 years old Bukhara and Samarkand cities where architectural treasures and bazaars will be explored, and panoramic tours will be given from the top points of the cities. You will also enjoy the authentic cuisine in the most charming and less crowded restaurants, stay in boutique hotels or nomadic yurts in the desert of Kizilkum in Aydarkul Lake.

Your Uzbekistan adventure trip is not complete without visiting Aydarkul Lake where you will enjoy camel safari, fishing, fire in the nighttime and dance and cooking meals with locals and dine under the moon and stars. You will enjoy staying in a yurt which gives you lifetime memories. During your stay in Kizilkum desert of Uzbekistan you will explore Nurata- Sarmishsai  mountains, enjoy sunrise and sunset, take the most iconic photos from the highest point of the region.

We will book the premium seating for you during Bukhara Folklore Show and have access to the museums after hours to avoid crowds. Your guide may take you to their homes and show you how Uzbeks live, and you can see the process of making bread in Tandur Oven. By bicycle you can explore the ancient bazaars in Bukhara city and learn bargaining from your experience local guide. The best uzbek tea can be experienced at the Silk Road tea-house in Bukhara or in Registan chaykhana in Samarkand. 

Day by Day Details

Exploring Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Aydarkul Lake, Sarmishsai Gorge, Samarkand, Baldersai/Chimghan Mountains

Day 1. Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent Int. Airport. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to the hotel 4* for accommodation.

Day 2. Tashkent

Full Day tour. Tashkent is cultural and economic center of Uzbekistan. Today we'll discover the Old City: Hast Imam Complex which consists of Medreseh Barakhan, Friday Mosque Tilla Shayh and the Mausoleum of Kaffal Shashi. Later we will visit fascinating Chorsu Bazar which is three thousand years old and then we explore Independence Square.

Day 3. Tashkent-Khiva

Morning transfer to the airport for a flight to Urgench /Khiva.

Explore Ichan – Kala (The inner city), with its palaces, mosques, madrassahs and caravansarays. Unique fortification has survived intact in this magnificent city: Ata –Darvaza, Kalta Minar, majestic, blue-tiled Tower from the XIX century, Medreseh Mohammad Aminkhan and Khodja Islam, Kunya Ark (Ancient Citadel), Tash Hauli Palace (Stone yard, with view of the palace's harem-women's quarter), Caravanserai (traditional inn for travelling merchants), Juma mosque with 200 uniquely carved wooden pillars. Dinner. Panoramic view of Khiva in moonlight. Boutique Hotel.

Days 4-5. Bukhara

Morning flight or High-speed train to Bukhara. Arrival and Accommodation at Boutique Hotel. Bukhara is one of the most ancient and incredible cities in the world. This is another World Heritage Site. Visit of the city includes: Labi Khaus Complex ("the complex around the pond"), Nadir Divan Begi Khanaka (old hotel for merchants). Labi Khaus pond dates from the XVII century when it was the principal source of water. Enjoy tea in an ancient Chaykhana (Tea house), near the sculpture of humorist Khodga Nasriddin. Try on traditional outfits at the demonstration of national costumes in Fayzullo Khodjaev's house. The sightseeing continues with trade domes of money changers, hat sellers, silk, carpets, puppets and jewelry merchants. Magoki Attari, originally a Zoroastrian temple, now hosts a carpet museum. Abdulazizkhan Madreseh showcases “sandal” (old version of house heating), and last but not least is “Poi-Kalon” Ensemble with the greatest minaret of Central Asia. Discover ancient winter residence of local rulers from the first century that is located near Bolo Khaus Mosque. Dinner and Folklore show featuring local dancers, singers and fashion stars. The Tales of “1001” is never complete without a rose garden in a summer Palace. Today you will visit magnificent Summer Residence of Last Emirs of Bukhara. “Sitorai Mohi-Khossa“- The Palace of Moon and Stars; it is a great blend of European and Oriental architectural styles. Later see one of the unique constructions in Bukhara, the minarets of “Chor Minor”. Visit to the Mausoleum of Ismail Samoni, the pearl of the East.

Day 6. Bukhara – Nurato-Aydarkul lake

After breakfast, drive to Aydar Kul. Scenic journey through the outskirts of Kizil-kum desert. Today we will explore the small ancient town Vabkent where we can enjoy visiting the Minaret and Mosque. We will also visit Gijduvan city where you will enjoy your lunch and experience Uzbek Hospitality. Arrival in the Kizilkum’s Aydarkul location. Aydar Kul, an artificially created lake is a unique place in Uzbekistan. Enjoy the evening at the campfire during the traditional performance of nomadic music. Dinner. Overnight in Yurt.

Day 7. Aydarkul lake-Sarmishsai-Aydarkul Lake-Samarkand

Enjoy the morning walk near the Aydarkul Lake. Excellent opportunity for birdwatching. Lunch with freshly caught fish from Aydar-Kul Lake. On the way to Samarkand explore Nurato sites. Then continue signtseeing scenic drive to Samarkand. Accommodation at 4*

Day 8. Samarkand

Enjoy two days exploration of ancient Samarkand. Sightseeing tour to Registan Square, the main attraction of Samarkand and an impressive place for holding the world’s finest old and modern music festivals and holidays. Shahi Zinda Ensemble – ancient necropolis is a true museum of tiles under an open sky. Bibi Khanum Complex the largest historic mosque in Central Asia. Special visit to one of the oldest wineries of Uzbekistan.Dinner

Day 9. Tashkent- Beldersay (Tashkent)

Drive to spectacular Tashkent Mountains (90 minutes). Arrival in Baldersay and accommodation at 4*Hotel. Chimghan – Charvak – Beldersay” located in the territory of Ugham Chatkal State Park. It is one of the oldest and biggest nature reserves that was founded in 1947 in the spurs of the Western Tien Shan Mountains. Admire beautiful scenery and take pictures. Your guide and driver will take you to the most spectacular part of the park where you can hike and enjoy the nature. Romantic dinner and sunset photography. Enjoy short hike at Baldersay mountains.

Day 10. Baldersay -Tashkent

Late morning drive from Chimghan mountains to Tashkent. Stop by in the small exotic villages and settlements of Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent and accommodation at 5*. After discovering Alay bazaar visit the Abul Kasim complex and the museum of Decorative Art. Farewell dinner.

Day 11. Tashkent Departure

Early morning departure from Tashkent International airport

Scheduled Departures

March 16-26, 2024

May 22- June 1, 2024

August 22-September 1, 2024

September 22-October 2, 2024  

October 11-22, 2024

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the ancient Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan.
  • Stay in a nomadic yurt and enjoy camel safari.
  • Experience warm uzbek hospitality
  • Hike in the spectacular Nurata mountains and swim at the cristal clear Aydarkul Lake
  • Sunset photography in Chimghan mountains
  • Get to really know the stories and people of Uzbekistan while sharing home-cooked meals with local families, including a home stay in the Nurato Mountains

Visited Countries


Visited Cities & Places

Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Nurato Aydarkul lake, Sarmishsai, Samarkand, Tashkent-Beldersay

This tour program includes:

  • Visa support
  • Domestic flights from Tashkent to Khiva and from Khiva to Bukhara
  • Ground Transportation and High-speed train
  • English-speaking guides
  • Hotel accommodation in double room
  • Meals: Breakfast, 4 lunch, 5 dinners
  • Entrance fees to museums and monuments
  • Folklore Show in Bukhara
  • Wine tasting
  • Welcome gift

The tour program doesn’t include:

  • International Flights
  • Charges in hotels for additional services
  • Consular fees

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